Our Brands

True Humboldt

True Humboldt sources the most desirable sun and sustainable grown cannabis Humboldt has to offer. They offer unique and exotic strains for the most eco-conscious cannabis connoisseur.

True Humboldt's cannabis is grown in small craft batches using sustainable and regenerative practices by an assortment of local farmers with a shared love for the Earth and community. 


Lost Creek Cannabis

Lost Creek Cannabis is a family-owned and operated legacy farm situated in the heart of Southern Humboldt County.

Lost Creek has been using sustainable growing practices in the infamous Panther Gap for over 40 years. Located in Southern Humboldt, Panther Gap is renowned for being the center of cannabis culture and sustainability.

Red Woods (Cannabis Supply Co.)

Red Woods combines great flavor with ease in a custom roll-your-own pouch this ready for anything. Every bag from Red Woods was hand-selected from Legacy Famers in the remote regions of Northern California.

Just Roll With It - Get to know the farmers as it truly makes for a greater experience when one knows the whole story of where Red Woods products come from.

Enjoy The Ride - Every bag comes with a "crutch card" that is branded with the logo of the farm that grew that particular cannabis, hemp rolling papers, and a Boveda humidity control pack. Red Woods is the perfect fit to travel with you on life's journey.

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8 Mile Family Farms

With over 25 years of cultivation experience, 8 Mile Family Farms has developed sustainable farming practices that produce beautiful and well-rounded flowers.

8 Mile strives to be a land steward by fostering healthy soils, using on-site spring water, and harnessing renewable solar energy.

Hand nurturing and full sun exposure lend to exceptional terpene content for full-spectrum, highly quality cannabis that is brimming with beauty and flavor.